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Total Rehabilitation System

Fibrwrap has invented the “Total Rehabilitation Concept®” (TRC)®. TRC® refers to the required initiatives the Fibrwrap Group personnel routinely undertakes from both the design and the construction point of view in order to propose to clients the most applicable rehabilitation solutions tailored to their projects. Fibrwrap Group technical proposals include schemes that combine composite materials, passive or active protection measures (e.g., seismic isolation, additional damping, etc.), specialty materials and systems (e.g., fire protection system, blast protection system, etc.) and traditional retrofit techniques (e.g., metal or concrete jackets, etc.).

The TRC® includes the following three actions and/or their combination for structural rehabilitation: (a) conventional strengthening via stiffness increase of structural members, (b) composite strengthening with the increase of the member strength without changing the member stiffness, and (c) structural softening or structural behavior modification by increasing the fundamental structural period and the system-absorbed energy capacity with the incorporation of special devices such as isolation bearings, dampers, etc.


Strengthening Structures | Protecting Lives Worldwide

The TRC® is combined with an extended line of state-of-the-art products and exclusive advanced technologies, which have undergone extensive testing and carry all required approvals, to form the Total Rehabilitation System® (TRS®). The TRS® is combined with engineering expertise to offer the best price-per-value structural rehabilitation solutions to the customer.

Our engineers routinely carry value engineering-based proposals by modifying existing solutions and taking into account the niches available to them in both materials and construction techniques.


Protective Engineering


Seismic retrofit is a protective engineering discipline with regard to the resistance of any kind of civil structure against seismic activity and ground motion. In locations with major seismic activity (large seismic demands), the structural capacity against a future earthquake event should be reliable and well acknowledged. The vast majority of old structures were designed without adequate detailing and reinforcement for sufficient seismic protection. Thus, the need of those structures to comply with the modern seismic guidelines is substantial. DYCON is able to provide active as well as passive protection against seismic actions, with all the relevant state-of-the-art solutions (i.e., seismic isolation, increase of plastic behavior of structural elements by using G/CFRP materials, etc.) and technical knowledge with regard to the seismic assessment and upgrade, in order to make any structure adequate in withstanding future seismic events.

Natural Hazards Mitigation

Structures, depending on their geographic location, may be subjected to a variety of natural phenomena such as windstorms, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. DYCON has the capacity to identify structural deficiencies pertaining to these actions and to implement appropriately designed protection measures. The main protection interventions are related to raising the shield levels of these structures to preserve them against natural hazards and to ensure that they will continue to operate safely protecting at the same time human lives.

Adverse Environments

A vast majority of structures or certain structural components are often exposed to aggressive environments (i.e., salt/sea water, very corrosive substances, acids, industrial environments etc.), rendering them vulnerable and producing the need of particular actions to secure those elements against the deterioration that the harsh environments cause. DYCON can offer independent, cost-effective and sustainable advanced protection systems and corrosion testing services. The majority of the systems offered are totally impermeable, thus significantly lowering the corrosion rate while confining existing members. Protective, pigmented epoxy coating, providing improved aesthetics and long term durability can be designed and installed to prevent the onset of corrosion when applied to existing or new structural elements.


Governmental premises and other structures of high security and importance very frequently require a protection against fire events. Fire protection systems have turned to be the “new fashion” in the strengthening industry across all the developed countries. In-house research and development programs in fire protection systems have resulted in modern materials and solutions which can be now offered by DYCON to owners, agencies and engineers.


DYCON has a long experience with blast protection projects throughout the world. Due to the increased demand driven by intensified terrorist activities in Europe, the United States and other parts of the world, there is now a great need for the blast mitigation effects on structures of great importance (i.e., embassies, military and governmental premises, signature bridges, power plants, control rooms, etc.). DYCON has the expertise to assess, analyze, design and implement blast mitigation solutions for existing or new structures to protect their structural members (i.e., columns, beams, walls etc.) from near-proximity blasts.


DYCON can provide free preliminary design and a construction estimate for any project size and a low-cost, non-intrusive means to enhance the ballistic resistance capacity of existing structures. High-performance material design and implementation can be designed to ensure, not only structural integrity and bullet proofing capacity of a structure, but also and foremost, safety of the people working in the protected structures.


DYCON has an array of materials and systems for protecting critical structures from the adverse and often catastrophic effects of low-velocity traditional impacts (e.g., vehicle collision of any size). Lightweight and low profile systems with excellent architectural aesthetics can be designed and used, either as part of a structural hardening system of concealed, sheltering assets and people.

Forced Entry

DYCON has designed and implemented a large number of systems per the US Department of State testing requirements for forced-entry conditions (SD-STD-01.01, Revision G, Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistance of Structural Systems). These strengthening solutions prevent from malicious actions relevant to the forced entry and unauthorized penetration into premises. Various composite and traditional materials are combined forming unique defense systems that exceed the industry standards and compliment the other DYCON solutions against blast, ballistic and impact threats.

Progressive Collapse Prevention

Unique designs combining composites with steel and concrete sheathing are available to owner specific needs to protect structures and structural systems from near-proximity blasts with minimal standoff distances. These systems are normally used in combination with blast- and ballistic-resistant panels around structures to improve survival rates and to prevent total or partial collapses of important structures from accidental or intentional blast events.

Structural Upgrade and Rehabilitation

Transportation Infrastructures

Road networks are of vital importance for the transportation of goods and people. Protection measures for the life extension and day-to-day operation improvement of major infrastructures related to the road networks (i.e., bridges, tunnels, etc.) are very important and expensive. State-of-the-art technologies provided by DYCON have been developed, designed and manufactured to mitigate the vulnerability of such infrastructures. Through high-fidelity physics-based (HFPB) finite element models and live testing, DYCON engineers provide efficient, cost-effective and site specific solutions.


Building interventions are the most common type of strengthening solutions. Rehabilitation and strengthening to all kind structural elements (columns, beams, slabs and walls) can be provided by DYCON. The purpose of those interventions is usually to increase the load-bearing capacity (i.e., shear strength, flexural strength, ductility, confinement) of the structural members. In addition, rehabilitation and strengthening solutions can be used in all types of construction materials, that is, reinforced concrete, steel, masonry and wood.

Industrial, Silos and Energy Producing Facilities

Industrial structures present many unique problems compounded by their challenging environments. Thus, fast and sustainable solutions are needed, in order to prevent high shutdown costs. DYCON has the technical knowledge and the relevant tools to retrofit reinforced concrete or steel support structures such as pipe racks, equipment structures, pedestals, coker units and many more. Structures that need the strengthening/rehabilitation solutions in that field include industrial chimneys, silos, tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines, energy facilities, and nuclear power plants.

Trenchless Technologies and Manhole Refurbishment

DYCON implements modern technologies and techniques for the trenchless rehabilitation and strengthening sewage systems and pipeline networks under operation. Minimum or zero shutdown periods are the greatest advantage of these methods.
Manhole rehabilitation is an operational area where DYCON is very specialized. Manholes are confined spaces that suffer serious chemical attack from hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S), a colorless gas with the characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. H2S is heavier than air, very poisonous, corrosive, flammable, and explosive. Once H2S has formed, it has the ability to corrode construction materials in sewer networks, resulting in the need for refurbishment. Refurbishing manhole chambers with DYMAT Inc. Systems provides a long-term, sustainable solution that is proven to add value, extend life and reduce maintenance to the asset. Manholes that have suffered from years of neglect or chemical attack can be completely refurbished with a high-quality DYCON lining, avoiding the costly inconvenience of replacing the whole manhole chamber and its periodic maintenance.

Waterfront and Underwater Structures

DYCON deals routinely with the rehabilitation and repair of structural elements of waterfront structures such as piles, beams, slabs, and walls, made of concrete, steel or wood. Such repair and strengthening work involves the protection and replacement of corroded reinforced concrete and steel structures and the prevention of corrosive agent intrusion including oxygen and marine organisms.

Historic/Listed Buildings Preservation

This is a special sub-category of building rehabilitation work, where newly advanced technologies are used in order to preserve those structures without changing their initial character. Special regulatory frameworks are usually enforced regarding such historic structures that belong to the heritage treasury of a nation. DYCON provides the relevant know-how for the strengthening and rehabilitation of such buildings, maintaining their architectural integrity and aesthetics.

Rehabilitation of Distressed or Corroded Structural Members

Rehabilitation of corroded or distressed members in order to restore lost capacity is typical repair work carried out by DYCON. The involved technologies significantly lower the corrosion rate by confining existing structural members or by preventing the onset of corrosion when applied to new structural elements.


Damage-Leak Remediation and Prevention

Leaks are common problems of pipeline networks and other structures containing liquid substances. Fibrwrap offers remediate measures for the reparation of such damages by using technologies applicable to pipeline networks, waterfront structures and trenchless applications.

Change of Use & Extension of Service Life

Fibrwrap expertise in the prolongation of service life of any structure with the use of advanced materials, applied fast with minimum downtimes, is second to none. Fibrwrap technologies are supported by robust structural design and provide cost-effective and competitive solutions. Furthermore, when change of use of a structure is required (normally accompanied with a change of loading conditions), a thorough assessment of the existing condition is provided as well as the design of the relevant upgrading systems corresponding to the new requirements.

Restoration Construction Errors

Construction error remediation and strength restoration to the design levels of buildings and other structures that have resulted in structural deficiencies (missing or misplaced re-bars, low concrete strength or inadequate concrete cover) are successfully resolved by Fibrwrap techniques. All relevant remediation measures can be provided, resulting in unique tailor made solutions that combine advanced materials and construction technologies.

Emergency Repairs and Minimum Disturbance Solutions

The use of composites and other advanced materials is particularly efficient for emergency repairs with minimum disturbance to owners. Such emergency measures, which usually carry high shutdown costs in critical types of structures (i.e., industrial facilities, nuclear power plants, etc.), can be skillfully confronted by DYCON personnel, trained in the design and use of unique technologies, with minimum disturbance and down time.

Structural Health and Performance Monitoring

DYCON uses real-time structural monitoring systems to evaluate the actual situation of distressed structures and to measure and prove the effectiveness of the installed solutions. The DYCON High Performance Monitoring System uses optical strands that can be encapsulated to the composite jackets and can measure up all critical indices of structural behavior.

Structural Surface Protection, Protective and Refractory Coatings

DYCON is an expert in surface preparation, since it is one of the most vital processes of composite strengthening installation. Whether it is diamond grinding, grit blasting, sponge-jet blasting or hydro blasting, DYCON’s experts are fully trained and competent in all methods. Furthermore, special protective coatings for structures or components made of concrete or steel are provided as stand-alone solutions. Special powders and emulsions molecularly bond directly to metal surfaces and provide resilient surface coatings that encase and protect old deteriorating, ferrous materials, providing asset protection against many freeze/thaw, chemical and abrasion threats.

Post Tensioning Repair and Upgrade

Specialized repair and strengthening work in existing prestressed concrete elements or steel members are design and applied by the expert personnel of DYCON. This category involves unique projects where structural modifications are required, mainly due to change of the imposed loading conditions or due to several types of damage. DYCON systems include the use of both post-tensioned steel tendons and patented prestressed high-strength composite strips.