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Beam Strengthening for Flexure at Lancaster University, Physics Block, Lancaster, UK

Project: Beam Strengthening for Flexure at Lancaster University, Physics Block
Location: Lancaster, UK
Client: Eric Wright Construction
Contract Duration: 1 Week 

Scope of Works:
• Carbon Fibre Strengthening solution of 18 concrete beams using Tyfo Fibrwrap Systems
• Fire Protection of the Cabron Fibre using Tyfo CFP protection system


Project Description:
Curtins consulting requested the assistance of Fibrwrap UK for beam strengthening at the Farraday Building within the campus of Lancaster University. As part of a refurbishment of the physics laboratories the mechanical and electrical plant situated on the roof needed to be dramatically increased and as such the roof beams were insufficient to carry the new loadings. Fibrwrap UK designed a carbon fibre strengthening solution to strengthen these beams using our unique Tyfo FRP systems, 18 beams were strengthened using just 2mm of carbon fibre strengthening fabric applied to the underside of each beam, on completion of the strengthening the system was protected against fire using our Tyfo CFP protection system.

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