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Market Sector: Κτήρια

Τεχνολογία: Το Σύστημα Tyfo Fibrwrap

Χώρα: Ελλάδα

Rehabilitation and strengthening of “Mitica” building, Athens, Greece

Project: Rehabilitation and strengthening of 5-storey building opposite Acropolis
Location: Athens, Greece
Client: Mitica Properties Ltd.
Contract Duration: 4 months

Scope of Works:
• Strengthening  all columns, beams, slabs and concrete walls by using Tyfo® FIBRWRAP® Systems, Glass (SEH) and Carbon (SCH) with Tyfo S Epoxy

Project Description:
A 5 storey building, build in the late 1940’s, of a total surface area of 3.200 m2, si-tuated opposite the Acropolis site, was refurbished for the purpose of providing luxury apartments. Fibrwrap Contractors SA was contracted to perform the whole scope of rehabilitation and strengthening works so that the building could be in accordance with the New Seismic Code.
The necessity for the use of FRP technology derived from the requirement of implementation of a method that would be “friendly” (archeological, environme-ntally) and reversible due to the existence of significant archeological finds at the basement of the building. All columns, beams, slabs and concrete walls were strengthened by using Tyfo® FIBRWRAP® Systems, Glass (SEH) and Carbon (SCH) with Tyfo S Epoxy according to the design. In total 4.000 m2 of FRP was used for this project.
The client benefited from the fact that the Tyfo® FIBRWRAP® Systems did not alter the dimensions of the building (e.g. decrease of floor height and floor area) and also because of their not intrusive nature satisfied completely the requirements and restrictions of the Archeological Authority thus saving time from any other-wise necessary archeological digs.

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