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Market Sector: Κτήρια, Βιομηχανίες, Σιλό, Εγκαταστάσεις Παραγωγής Ενέργειας

Τεχνολογία: Το Σύστημα Tyfo Fibrwrap

Χώρα: Ολλανδία

Rehabilitation of sewage pumping station, Almelo, The Netherlands

Project: Rehabilitation of sewage pumping station Schelfhorst (ca. 170m2)
Location: Almelo
Client: Municipality of Almelo
Contract Duration: 5 days

Scope of Works:
• Rehabilitation of a sewage pumping station


Project Description:
The sewage pumping station Schelfhorst in Almelo has been thoroughly updated. Much attention was give to the airtight sealing of the hatches and protecting the whole surface to further deterioration due to the presence of (bio)chemical gasses. Chris Borninkhof, manager of public space and sewer at the city of Almelo saw the added value in a solution providing not only (bio)chemical protection but at the same time also strenghten the concrete slabs and walls. The Tyfo® Fibrwrap System provides both in one application. We were subcontracted by Gebr. Löwik Bouw- en Betonbedrijf, who was selected as main contractor for this project. Firstly the whole surface of ca. 170m2 was thoroughly hydroblasted to remove any debris and loose particles. The applied Tyfo® Fibrwrap System consists of a Tyfo® WP epoxy primer for damp surfaces in combination with Tyfo® SEH-25A glasvezel en Tyfo® S epoxy for strength and protection. The total project took only 5 days to complete.

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