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Χώρα: Λίβανος

Structural Rehabilitation of the Sanita Building, Halat, Lebanon

Project: Structural Rehabilitation of the Sanita Building
Location: Halat, Lebanon
Client: APAVE Liban s.a.r.l.
Contract Duration: Active

Scope of Works:
• Structural Strengthening of Bearing Structure (columns, slabs and shear walls)


Project Description:
A commercial building, built in the 1980’s, is currently undergoing major rehabilitation and strengthening works. The Building comprises in total of 5 storeys: 3 basements, ground floor and 1st floor.
Fibrwrap Lebanon has provided structural design and Technical proposal according to the client’s requirements for the future use of the building.
At the moment Phase 1 of the structural rehabilitation of the structure is underway, which entails the strengthening of 159 columns of the building with the application of Tyfo Fibrwrap FRP systems.
The works are well within the suggested time frame. As soon as Phase 1 is completed the strengthening works for the slabs and the shear walls will commence according to the time schedule set from the client.

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