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Market Sector: Αγωγοί και Δεξαμενές Αποθήκευσης Υγρών

Τεχνολογία: Το Σύστημα Tyfo Fibrwrap

Χώρα: Ολλανδία

Rehabilitation of sewer manhole, LMJ A/S in Denmark

Project: Rehabilitation of a sewer manhole ø1250mm
Location: Denmark
Client: LMJ A/S
Contract Duration: 2 days

Scope of Works:
• Rehabilitation of a sewer manhole


Project Description:
The manhole is located in a playing field and the connecting pipelines are 6m below ground. The customer preffered our solution because they will renovate the area completely and do not want any surprises in the future with their underground infrastructure. After renovation, the manhole was covered with a concrete slab. The pipelines are renovated with CIPP by LMJ A/S from Glustrup (near Kopenhagen) for which we worked as a subcontractor. The manhole showed cracks and leakages, these defects were repaired before the application of our composite solution, the Tyfo® Fibrwrap System. For this project we chose to use a Tyfo® WP epoxy primer (for damp surfaces) in combination with Tyfo® SEH-25A glassfiber and Tyfo® SW-1S epoxy. Not only is the manhole structurally upgraded with this solution, it also shields it from harmfull (bio)chemical gasses. The project took just 2 days to complete.

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