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Market Sector: Αγωγοί και Δεξαμενές Αποθήκευσης Υγρών

Τεχνολογία: Το Σύστημα Tyfo Fibrwrap

Χώρα: Ολλανδία

Rehabilitation of sewer manhole Municipality of Velsen, The Netherlands

Project: Rehabilitation of a sewer manhole
Location: IJmuiden
Client: Municipality of Velsen
Contract Duration: 1 day

Scope of Works:
• Rehabilitation of a waste water manhole


Project Description:
The rehabilitated manhole suffered from concrete surface deterioration due to high levels of H2S gas. This H2S gas buildup came from an incoming pressure pipeline. If this situation would have continued, it would have caused high replacement cost and social disturbance in the long term, since the manhole is located in a garden. Firstly the inflow pipes were temporally blocked, then the concrete surface was thoroughly prepared and lost sections repaired. Afterwards the Tyfo® HCR (High Chemical Resistance) Epoxy coating was applied to the concrete surface to provide a durable, cost effective solution with reduced future maintenance cost and long term protection to (bio)-chemical gasses and liquids that exist in these environments. The whole project was completed in only one day.

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