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Crack Repair and Inner Dock Wall Protection, Bristol Port, UK

Project: Crack Repair and Inner Dock Wall Protection
Location: Bristol Port, UK
Client: Bristol Port Company
Contract Duration: 8 weeks

Scope of Works:
• Crack Repair of inner dock wall and long term protection from water ingress.


Project Description:
Bristol Port Company asked from Fibrwrap Construction UK to perform repair works on a concrete crack on the inner dock wall of the West stub pier providing also a long term solution for protection against water ingress using Tyfo Fibrwrap systems.
Fibrwrap UK suggested and performed the following:
Firstly the crack and an agreed area surrounding was cleaned using ultra high pressure water jetting. The crack was then filled with a high strength marine approved repair mortar before being repaired with CFRP strips in a manner similar to stitches on a wound. These CFRP strips were held in place with Tyfo SW-1S Epoxy and Tyfo Fibr-Anchors. Following this process the whole agreed area was wrapped with Tyfo SEH-51A system and SW-1S epoxy. Additional bond capacity was installed using over 200 Tyfo Fibr-Anchors.

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