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Pier Protection - Phase II, Bristol Port, UK

Project: Pier Protection - Phase II
Location: Bristol Port, UK
Client: Bristol Port Company
Contract Duration: 8 Weeks 

Scope of Works:
• Coastal Protection works of two concrete pier support columns dimensions 10m high x 3m wide by 1m thick.


Project Description:
Due to the great success in 2012 when we provided coastal erosion protection to 3 x smaller support columns, Bristol Port Company immediately saw the value in extending the life of these vital support columns at the entrance to the port at Avonmouth. The pier columns when cast where considerably larger than the reduced size of 10m high, 3m wide and 1m thick. To ensure no further erosion we wrapped these columns with Tyfo Systems epoxy. First we cleaned and re-shaped the columns by Hydro Blast and sprayed concrete, before wrapping the columns completely with two layers of Tyfo SHE system with Tyfo SW1-S Marine Epoxy.

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